Losing Count? What could be the reason?

A small amount of semen when ejaculating is an issue that we usually ignore till the time a couple wants to wants to get pregnant, but despite many efforts, they fail.

What could be the cause of poor ejaculation? And does it affect the chances of fertilization?

Causes of male infertility

Two factors that affect the quality of semen are the number of sperms in the semen and their mobility. The precise determination of whether there are any abnormalities requires semen analysis in a specialized clinic.

This is the first thing a couple should do when unsuccessfully trying to become pregnant for more than a year. Of course, the appropriate tests must also be performed by a woman.

Weak ejaculation - what to understand by it?

Only one cell is needed for fertilization to occur. Many times, a woman becomes pregnant even though ejaculation did not take place inside the genitalia. Although a large amount of semen does not guarantee a pregnancy, a small amount does not immediately mean infertility either.

However, a situation where the amount of semen is less than it used to be, and its color has changed from white to transparent, indicates a possible semen quality problem.

Couples trying for a baby are also often concerned about low ejaculation pressure. In a healthy male, semen moves at a good speed. This makes it easier for semen to reach the egg. However, even in this case, a slower ejaculation speed is not yet a sign of infertility.

What to make of a poor ejaculation?

Small amounts of clear semen can be the result of frequent ejaculations. This is a common mistake of couples trying to conceive. Close-ups every day or even several times a day during the ovulating period do not increase the chance of conception.

On the contrary, frequent ejaculations prevent the testicles from keeping up with the production of semen. Therefore, there is little of it, and it is transparent. To increase the chance of conception, it is best to try every two to three days.

Poor ejaculation may also indicate a man's health problems. Poor diet, low testosterone levels, and other medical abnormalities could be some of the issues. In this case, the man must improve his diet to a more balanced one, rich in foods containing large amounts of zinc.

It is also necessary to ensure regular physical activity and healthy body weight, and avoid smoking and consume alcohol at all costs. This is good for maintaining general wellbeing as well.

Yet another problem that men face is erectile dysfunction. If they are accompanied by poor ejaculation, it is imperative to tell the doctor about the problem. This may be a signal of a testosterone deficiency, but it may also indicate other serious health complications, such as diabetes.

Erectile dysfunction is treated with medications; however, medications should be taken under the supervision of a physician.

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